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Join the EB Nation

You made the refined decision to own an Epagneul Breton. Now add your voice to the breed's story by joining the EB Nation to help ensure the breed continues to honors it's century old French heritage as the smallest of pointing breeds. 


What is CEB-US?

As parent breed club of the Epagneul Breton, the CEB-US oversees the breed in the US.

  • Promoting upland traits & monitoring breed standards

  • Hosting field trials

  • Sponsor confirmation evaluations & specialty shows

  • Breed news, announcements & educational seminars

  • Breeder co-op & advertising

Why Join CEB-US?

Like you, we love all things about the Epagneul Breton. Join the EB nation and receive:

  • Club logo sticker

  • Club logo patch

  • Access nationwide network of EB owners

  • Numerous EB related resources


Membership Tiers

Single Membership $35

Family Membership $55

Supporting Membership $100

Junior Membership $15

Join today to be active through December 31, 2024

Imported from France

Bred in the Uplands.

While the Epagneul Breton dates back to the 1700's, the breed was officially recognized in France in 1907. Fast forward over 100 years and the Epagneul Breton of today is almost a mirror image of the bird dog hunting the French countryside for woodcock. 

As our breed continues to gain in popularity, it faces threats that would dilute the breed to be unrecognizable as defined by its French heritage. In today's world of urbanization and immediate gratification, it is extremely rare to find a dog breed that excels in the uplands, in the field and in the show ring. Through diligent efforts of the CEB-US and our dedicated members, it remains commonplace and standard expectations for the Epagneul Breton to perform across all platforms and continue to be a loveable member inside the home. 

With your commitment to the club, the CEB-US will continue to have the resources to protect the breed and a captive audience to promote the message on the breed versatile traits and personality that leads us all to the Epagneul Breton. 

2023 CEB-US National Conclave

You're invited to Oklahoma to celebrate the Epagneul Breton. This December, central Oklahoma will be the focal point of the Epagneul Breton community. Scheduled events include field trials, educational seminars, confirmation evaluations, specialty show, bird hunting presentations and more. Whether you're new to the breed or have decades of experience, the Conclave is place to rekindle old friendships and forge new ones over the shared bond with our Epangeul Bretons. We hope to see you there!

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