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Hunting with an Epagneul Breton can be a wonderful experience for they are truly dogs that want to hunt with you.  Having hunted behind many different breeds, pointing and flushing, the following is what you should expect from an EB:


The EB is a mid range hunting dog, expanding the search from 30 to 200 yards depending on cover.  Most naturally adjust to the cover you are hunting, ranging closer in heavy cover and woods, and farther out in light cover and open fields.  They are a pointing dog so their primary job is to range out and cover ground to find game.  Do not expect them to hunt within shotgun range.

Working Pattern

The EB is a quartering dog, working back and forth in front of you at a “breton gallop”, this depending on wind direction.  EBs are air scenting dogs and should work with their heads held high.


Most EB’s are natural retrievers but this needs to be developed and promoted at a young age to ensure they retain the skill.

Desire and Cooperation

EBs should have a strong natural hunting desire yet be cooperative enough to hunt with you at your pace, meaning if you change directions in the field they will naturally change with you.  Juxtaposed to you hunting with a dog that you must “chase” through the field and keep up with as they hunt game.

Species of Game

All species of upland birds are enjoyed equally by an Epagneul Breton.  Grouse, quail and pheasant along with waterfowl.  They adjust quickly to each species' terrain and cover.  Not only are they strong, stylish pointers, but they are excellent at tracking and retrieving downed birds.  


They are willing to retrieve both ducks and geese on land or in water.  Spend a little time teaching them to sit quietly in a blind and you will have a harmonious little waterfowl partner.  Just keep in mind they do not have hollow fur like labs so they will need help to stay warm. 


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