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Epagneul Bretons are not always recognized as  "brittanys" when found as strays and may not be reported to rescue organizations by animal shelters.

Rescue operations specifically for the Epagneul Breton breed in the U.S. are conducted and coordinated by French Brittany Rescue, LLC.* The CEB-US encourages voluntary financial support and support of the rescue's mission and efforts to locate and rescue purebred Epagneul Bretons from shelters and voluntary surrenders; to place them in foster care for rehabilitation and eventually in permanent homes; and to reduce the number of unwanted purebred dogs through education and rehabilitation.

Other rescue organizations in the United States associated with the "Brittany" may also occasionally provide rescue support for Epagneul Bretons on a case by case basis. While CEB-US supports and encourages these rescue efforts, as an organization, CEB-US maintains its separate legal status for liability, tax and other business purposes.

*French Brittany Rescue, LLC is organized and operated as a separate and independent corporate and legal entity from the Club de l'Epagneul Breton of the United States.


See the French-Brittany-Rescue FACEBOOK page for information on dogs available.

Please contact the French Rescue Brittany, LLC:

• If you are interested in adopting a French Brittany

• If you are interested in being considered as a foster home or rehabilitation facility

• If you have an Epagneul Breton that you need to surrender


Rescue Coordinator:

Cindy Chase


Phone/Text: 715-820-0541

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