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What to Expect

Puppy Tips by Sherry Niesar
From the June 2021 Whoa Post

  • Be Patient - Rome wasn’t built in a day and your puppy won’t be either.  Be positive and patient for success. 

  • Be Consistent - Consistency is the key to keeping your puppy from becoming confused. 

  • Be Confident - This tells your dog you are the leader of the pack. 

  • Use Treats - Using treats can get the training process moving along faster than no treats. Give it a try. 

  • Try the Replacement Theory - Make sure pup has plenty of chew toys available so he doesn’t enjoy your new pair of shoes or your heirloom furniture. 

  • Utilize Confinement - Teach your dog the crate is a safe place and not punishment. It also helps with potty training. 

  • Learn from Others - Enroll in puppy classes. 

  • Stop the Biting at the Start – Puppy bites can be cute by pup will grow and have a full size mouth that can hurt. Don’t encourage this behavior.

  • Be Prepared - all dogs have a list of supplies they need to stay safe and healthy.  Become a member of the CEB-US and you will have access to our Members Section that has a full list of dog supplies, and training and hunting equipment.  Become a member of the  CEB-US today!

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