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In 2010, the CEB-US board of Directors passed a resolution to help eliminate the "sable" or "faux charbonnee" color in Epagneul Bretons bred in the United States. This policy is consistent with the policies of other countries and the breed standard. Read more.


The resolution includes these main points:


I. There will be no further purposeful breeding or further production of dogs exhibiting sable coloration.


II. There will be no further formal UKC registration of sable dogs by the owner or breeder.


III. The sable color is not allowed in the UKC official conformation standard for the Epagneul Breton.


IV. Sable-colored dogs are not eligible for awards in UKC licensed shows or exhibitions.


V. There will be no official conformation of sable dogs by the CEB-US.


VI. The CEB-US discourages owners of sable dogs from field trial competitions and TAN tests.


Read the entire Sable Policy.


Genetic testing may be done to determine whether a dog carries the alleles responsible for the sable coloration. For more information about testing, visit Animal Genetics or Embark.

A more detailed article on the genes behind the sable coat color can be found here.

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