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Epagneul Bretons

Small dog.
Big heart.

Epagneul Bretons, or EB's/ French Brittany's, come with a rich heritage from Brittany, France, and are renowned for their exceptional versatility as bird dogs. These energetic and intelligent canines excel in a variety of hunting situations, making them an ideal choice for avid hunters and those who wish to trial or test. With their compact size, they possess remarkable agility and endurance, allowing them to effortlessly navigate rough hunting terrains. EB's are highly trainable, making them adaptable to many different competitive dog sports. Whether it's hunting upland birds, waterfowl, or tracking small game, these dogs possess a keen sense of smell and remarkable pointing and retrieving abilities. Their strong bond with their handlers and their desire to please make them not only outstanding hunting companions but also affectionate family pets. Epagneul Breton's truly embody the essence of a versatile bird dog, combining intelligence, athleticism, and a natural hunting instinct with cooperation and obedience.

Why Choose an Epagneul Breton?

Driven Field Search

Hunt Test/Field Trial Success

Love of Water & Ducks


Productive Hunting Partners

Smallest of the Pointing Breeds



Since the breed is not separated from the American Brittany in the NAVHDA system, it is difficult to be precise with their representation in the venue.

Versatile Champions

One statistic we have been able to track is their results on an Invitational level. To-date there have been SEVEN to earn the VC title:

  1. Ubu de L'Escarbot - unkwn

  2. King Cooper of Bearville - 2010

  3. Canelle Du Parler - 2011

  4. Fragon Du Parler - 2016

  5. Larue de Cache d'Or - 2019

  6. Libertas Sur Le Delavan - 2020

  7. ​Lost Highway's Noble Pete - 2020​


We believe TEN Epagneul Bretons have run at the event in total.

Many have earned their Natural Ability and Utility Titles as well.

Find out more about the breed.

Visit our website for more in-depth breed information and accomplishments.

When choosing a breeder/puppy, please be sure to ask about their success in the NAVHDA system. 

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