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Associate memberships are valid from January 1st through December 31st each year and are renewable annually. Member benefits include the official "L'Epagneul Breton" magazine, published twice per year, other periodic communications, and invitations to Club events. Voting privileges and age restrictions are described in the membership options below.


  • Single - Individual age 18 or older, entitled to one vote(+$35)

  • Family - Two persons in one household age 18 or older, two votes(+$55)

  • Junior - Individual age 7 to 17, no voting privileges(+$15)

  • Supporting - Individual age 18 or older, entitled to two votes(+$100)


The corporation has the final right of approval of all membership applications. Members whose dues are in arrears will not be entitled to membership privileges. Any person suspended by the Club shall forfeit all privileges associated with membership.

To apply for membership in the Club de l'Epagneul Breton of the United States, Inc.® please complete this form and submit it with your dues payment at the end.


Please Note: Items marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

Select an item ($)

Contact information provided by applicants is used strictly for official CEB-US purposes. A membership directory is available to members for PERSONAL USE ONLY, which lists the member’s name, state and contact telephone number.  The membership directory is not published on the CEB-US website.


Please tell us about your Epagneul Bretons and your interests.

Do you hunt with your EB?
Are your dogs registered with the United Kennel Club (UKC) as Epagneul Bretons?
If you breed your dogs, would you like to be listed in the CEB-US Breeder Directory?
Please indicate any volunteer activities you would be interested in:

*APPLY NOW! By typing my name below, I hereby apply for membership to the Club de l'Epagneul Breton of the United States, Inc. (CEB-US). I have read the mission and objectives of the Club and agree to uphold and maintain the philosophies set forth for the protection of the Epagneul Breton, both individually and as a breed; to protect and promote the interests of this Club as a whole; as a member to strive to assist with the goals and objectives of this Club, and to conduct myself in such a way as to not discredit the breed or the Club, and to practice good sportsmanship at all times.

Thanks for joining!

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