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2023 Conclave Recap

Updated: Jan 25

The 2023 National Conclave was an incredible event, a true celebration that exceeded all expectations for our dogs and our community. We are sincerely grateful for the tremendous turnout and unwavering commitment shown by everyone involved.

Hosting a Conclave in December presented its own unique set of challenges, from navigating bookend holidays to the ongoing upland season and year-end distractions. Despite these hurdles, the EB community rallied together, with over 75 attendees traveling from coast to coast, accompanied by well over 100 EBs. It's truly heartwarming to witness such a unified community fervently supporting our beloved breed.

The Prairie Prime Wingshooting Club, led by Todd Farris, served as the gracious host for the Conclave. The grounds provided pristine upland habitat and boasted abundant bird populations. Todd went above and beyond, working tirelessly to ensure every attendee had an exceptional experience. His dedication throughout the week was invaluable, but the effort to host a Conclave extends far beyond the event itself, involving months of meticulous planning behind the scenes. We extend our deepest gratitude to Todd for opening the gates to the EB community and orchestrating an unforgettable week.

A Conclave is a collective effort, and it wouldn't have been possible without the exceptional contributions of a few standout individuals. A heartfelt thank you goes out to Patty Lucasey, Jeff Pleskac, Will Crowe, Trisha Wherley, Aimee Kleine, and the many others who volunteered their time and resources to make this week truly fantastic.

Part of the Conclave's tradition is inviting a European judge to evaluate the trials and specialty show. This year, we were privileged to welcome Poul Nielsen from Denmark. With decades of experience with Epagneul Bretons, Poul shared invaluable insights into how our EBs perform in comparison to their European counterparts. His affirmation that our EBs honor their European heritage filled us with immense pride for the hard work dedicated to preserving the breed's legacy.

Moving on to the results, you can find the field trial and specialty show results posted, along with the judges' award presentations on our YouTube channel.

Here are the links:

We also distributed a comprehensive welcome guide to all attendees, which we've updated with the results and completed the day-of-show entries for the Show Program. Here's the digital version of the Welcome Guide for your reference: Click here.

We're immensely proud to share that we saw participation from over two dozen dogs passing confirmation evaluations, alongside a remarkable turnout of more than 70 entries in the Specialty Show. This dedication underscores our commitment to preserving the breed's legacy by aligning with the Epagneul Breton's defining form and function as per the breed standard. While updated at the back half of the Welcome Guide, you may also view just the Specialty Show Program.

Beyond the competitive arenas of field trials and show rings, attendees relished in sampling award-winning BBQ, grooved to live music, and savored the authentic cowboy hospitality of the Sooner State. Our event was further enriched by an insightful presentation from Scott Linden on accessing public lands for bird hunting. Scott's engaging presence extended beyond the presentation as he mingled with our members, sharing captivating stories and insights at the trials. Listen to Scott's podcast recorded at the Conclave featuring CEB-US board member, Jake Bartells.

Beyond the ribbons and collective experiences, the Conclave was a platform for emerging youth talent and unforgettable bird-dogging road trips. Stay tuned for more captivating stories from the Conclave, coming your way soon.

Below is just a sampling of photos from the event. We will soon be releasing the full portfolio of photos.

Thank you to all the attendees and well-wishes from across the country.

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