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Reflecting on a Remarkable 2023: Celebrating Milestones and Community Spirit

As we turn the pages of the calendar once more, it's almost surreal to reminisce about the extraordinary journey that was 2023 for CEB-US. This past year was adorned with new milestones and a surge in momentum, all thanks to the unwavering support and loyalty of our cherished breed enthusiasts. We're deeply honored to have played a role in steering the breed towards a promising future. 

Embracing Local Roots with A National Reach 

Throughout 2023, CEB-US redirected its focus to the essence of our roots. We took delight in actively engaging with our dogs and the members who cherish them. Our Board of Directors spearheaded this initiative by actively participating in field trials across the nation, extending support and fostering connections within our community. The pinnacle of this effort was witnessed at the vibrant National Conclave in Oklahoma, which drew a record-breaking attendance of over 100 EBs, a testament to our shared passion.


Functionality Meets Aesthetics

As our field trial engagements flourished, we were equally committed to organizing confirmation evaluations across various regions. Our successful events in Arizona, Iowa, South Carolina, and Oklahoma facilitated the confirmation of over 50 dogs. This concerted effort underscored our commitment to upholding the breed's intrinsic form and function, an essence we hold dear.


Growing Together: United in Purpose

In a landscape where many dog clubs stagnate or dwindle, we're immensely humbled by the persistent growth of our membership base. Surpassing our previous membership peak set in 2018 is within our sights. While our primary focus remains on our beloved dogs, we deeply value the vibrant community of owners who ardently celebrate our breed. The EB nation stands as the sturdy foundation of our breed, and the collective support of the Epagneul Breton community fills us with boundless optimism and joy for the promising times ahead. Need to renew for 2024 or want to join the club? Click here to learn more.


Adding Resources

A moment of pride as we introduced a new expert confirmateur (Tasha Pleskac) and new UKC field trial judges (William Crowe, Robert Cason, Shooter Smith and Woody Brickley). This infusion of new talent injects renewed vigor into the UKC system, bolstering our resources allocated for trials and evaluations across the nation in 2024. These additions promise to fuel our growth trajectory and further enrich our vibrant community.


Celebrating Achievements

At the core of our foundation lies a commitment to discerning what best serves our breed's legacy while preparing it for the future. We take pride in all EB accomplishments, and our compact yet formidable breed continues to shine brightly on the national stage. While we extend our gratitude to all EB enthusiasts, it's the remarkable dogs that truly elevate standards. We were awe-inspired by Epagneul Bretons excelling across various domains, from all of our UKC trials to AKC Field Trials & Hunt Tests to NAVDHA tests, NSTRA events, Therapy work, Agility tests, and more. We commend the relentless dedication to training that enables these EBs to showcase their prowess as the versatile bird dogs we cherish.

Fact vs Fiction

Amidst our pursuits, the club's Board of Directors and numerous influential members have been diligently engaged behind the scenes, guiding discussions regarding a potential breed split at the American Brittany Club (ABC) and its acknowledgment by the AKC. Understanding the intricacies of this topic, we acknowledge its complexity and encourage anyone seeking further information to connect with us. We welcome conversations to delve into the implications and processes in greater detail, ensuring a comprehensive understanding for all involved.


Conclave Concludes 2023

While a comprehensive recap of the Conclave will arrive in a separate post, it's imperative to acknowledge this pivotal event in our annual review. With an impressive turnout of over 75 attendees and more than 100 EBs, the Conclave emerged as a resounding success. A colossal appreciation to Todd Farris for graciously hosting the event at Prairie Prime Ranch and a shoutout to all of the judges and committee volunteers. Honorable Poul Nielsen, hailing from Denmark, presided as our European judge. His excitement mirrored ours, witnessing the unified enthusiasm within our community and the outstanding performances of our dogs. Watch the judges' award presentations from each day.


Admin Items of Note

Amidst the captivating tales of Epagneul Bretons navigating the upland prairies, there's a less glamorous yet crucial administrative update worth mentioning. The CEB-US underwent an important transition in insurance carriers, resulting in a remarkable 40% reduction in the previous premium total while nearly doubling the coverage. Additionally, the club invested in an enclosed trailer, now a home to many of our valuable club assets.


Keep an eye out for this trailer at upcoming CEB-US events or reach out to the board if your local event could benefit from utilizing some of our resources, such as show rings, signage, and more. While our hearts are devoted to ribbons and retrieves, the club's commitment remains steadfast in optimizing processes and ensuring prudent allocation of club funds.


Thank You!

2023 was an incredible chapter in our collective journey, marked by resilience, camaraderie, and progress. As we step into the new year, we're immensely grateful for the moments shared and the milestones achieved together. Here's to a future brimming with even more triumphs and unity within our cherished EB community.


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