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2023 Peter Ward Memorial Service Award Winner

The Peter Ward Memorial Service Award stands as a beacon celebrating the indomitable spirit and unwavering commitment of individuals devoted to propelling the CEB-US and continuously advancing the Epagneul Breton Breed in the United States.

This accolade, named in honor of the late William W. “Peter” Ward, an esteemed and dedicated member of CEB-US, pays homage to his silent yet powerful contributions. Peter Ward's foundational role in championing the Epagneul Breton during the club's nascent years fuels our ongoing dedication.

Every year, the recipient of the Peter Ward Memorial Service Award undergoes meticulous selection by a committee comprising past awardees. The spotlight shines on those working tirelessly behind the scenes, demonstrating unwavering loyalty and dedication to the CEB-US and the Epagneul Breton community in the United States. Their selfless efforts, often without public recognition, significantly elevate the club and breed.

This year, we are thrilled to honor Richard "Butch" Nelson with this distinguished award. Butch epitomizes the essence of a true dog man. His involvement spans training, trialing, judging, breeding, and hunting, having interacted with countless EBs, offering him a unique and unparalleled perspective on the breed's form and function. His accomplishments include:

  • UKC field trial judge for over 25 years training more apprentice judges than any other mentor

  • Assisted in defining the CEB-US mission statement and establishing the UKC point dog field trial rulebook

As a discerning enthusiast of bird dogs, Butch's undeniable influence has left an indelible mark on the Epagneul Breton community. We tip our cap to Butch and thank him for his dedication to the breed.

Watch the award presentation and acceptance speech:

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