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Announcing the Newest Board for the CEB-US

It is thought that the famous British explorer, Ernest Shackleton, posted a classified ad requesting volunteers for his perilous expedition to Antarctica. The grim ad is rumored to have received 5,000 applicants. 🥶

Volunteering for the CEB-US is a little less hazardous, but it is typically a thankless job filled with tedious admin tasks. If that sounds like something that gets you excited, we have a bunk for you on our ship! It is easy to get involved on a committee and just takes a few minutes per month to help make a big impact. Interesting in volunteering? Send us an email.

The CEB-US Board recently rolled over, so we want to introduce the members to let you know who’s at the helm of the ship. It’s also a chance to recognize their commitment in case the ship doesn’t make it back to port.

Tracey Jacobson - President

Cutting her teeth in springer spaniels, Tracey Jacobson and her husband Terry own and operate Ten Bar Ranch in Armour, SD. As breeders of EBs and operators of a hunt club and working ranch, they have access to endless acres of upland prairie to run dogs and entertain hunters. Tracey has been a part of the CEB-US board and committees for almost a decade, providing a balance between upholding the club's traditions while also forging new paths for growth and member interaction. Her extensive experience and dedication to the breed make her an invaluable leader for the organization.

Jeff Pleskac - President Elect/Secretary

Jeff has been running hunting dogs since 2000. He and his wife, Tasha, live in Minnesota, got their first EB in 2015, and jumped into the breed with both feet. They had their first EB litter in 2017 and continue to grow their kennel and breeding program. Jeff was voted to the Board in 2019 and is serving as both Secretary and President Elect for 2025-2027.

Patty Lucasey - Vice President

Seven years ago, Patty and her family added their first EB and now have four EBs. Her schedule now revolves around hunting, training, and trialing. While based in Central Illinois, you are apt to see Patty at regional field trials across the country. Patty spearheads the National Conclave Auction and Show and assists with numerous other committees and initiatives.

Chip Hidinger - Treasurer

Hailing from Arizona, Chip currently calls Richmond, VA home. Chip works in finance and shares his abacus skills to keep the club’s books. He has one or two breed pairings a year, but his passion is loading up his EBs to target wild birds hunting throughout the east coast, UP Michigan, and an annual upland pilgrimage west.

Shooter Smith - Assistant Secretary

Representing the West, Shooter lives in AZ. His background in luxury client services brings a unique perspective to the club’s interaction with membership. Shooter also serves as the VP of our southwest regional club. During free time, you will find Shooter and his EB trialing, chasing desert quail or running the open prairies of the West.

Don Clements - Post One

Don spent many years owning and hunting American Brittanys. He was hunting in South Dakota with friends in the Fall of '19 and encountered an EB. He fell in love with the drive, hunting prowess, style, and size of the breed and bought his first pup shortly afterward. He and his wife, Linda, have added work with the Carolinas EB Club and UKC walking field trials to their Fall ritual of chasing wild birds in SD and KS. He volunteered for the board to help promote and preserve the EB in the US. He has been involved in leadership roles in a wide variety of corporate and non-profit volunteer organizations for many years. He, Linda, their two EBs, Max and Sugar, and their AB, Jake, live in metro Atlanta.

Kaleb Miller - Post Two

Introducing Kaleb Miller, a passionate bird hunter since age 12, who fell in love with Epagneul Bretons at 16 after his first hunt with one. For the past nine years, Kaleb has owned and hunted French Brittanys, and for seven years, he has been a dedicated breeder. Beyond his kennels, Kaleb actively promotes the breed, educating others about these remarkable dogs. He conducts an annual dog training class and teaches kennel ethics in a high school program. As a UKC field trial judge, Kaleb enjoys observing the breed's field performance and growth. Driven by his love for Epagneul Bretons, Kaleb is committed to contributing to the community's well-being and success.

Nanette Harwell - Post Three

Joining the board in 2023, Nanette lives in Teague, TX, a rural area between Dallas and Houston. She purchased her first EB in 2019 and fell in love with the breed. She now has three EBs and travels the country in search of upland quarry. Nanette also serves as a Director for Gulf Coast Region NSTRA. Having personally experienced the limited exposure for EBs in Texas, Nanette joined the board to help promote and protect the Epagneul Breton breed.

Colin Johnston - Post Four

Meet Colin Johnston, an experienced individual currently transitioning from the familiar landscapes of Archer County, TX, to Northern KS. Growing up within his parents' Irish Setter kennel, Colin discovered his passion for bird hunting and dog raising early on. A pivotal encounter in grade school with a pair of tri-colored black-nosed Brittanys ignited his love for the French Brittany breed, leading to a 25-year journey. As a self-employed stonemason turned custom hardscape business owner, Colin now focuses on his passion for Epagneul Bretons, spending nearly 200 days each season hunting wild birds. He also guides for Grouse Country Guide Service in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Colin believes in the magic of hunting with pointing dogs and aims to bring his dedication to the CEB-US board, positively contributing to its mission and practices.

Open Post - Post Five

Kim Bartells - Post Six

Kim Bartells, a devoted bird dog enthusiast, has been involved with Epagneul Bretons for over 16 years. She and her husband, Jake, own seven EBs and enjoy hunting, birding, and photography. Kim is an active member of the CEB-US strategic growth committee and has a successful 20-year career as a REALTOR. She also serves on the local planning commission and business town improvement association and is the Treasurer of her local NAVHDA chapter. Kim brings valuable skills in web design, communications, and marketing to the board.

Open Post - Post Seven

Butch Nelson - Post Eight

Meet Butch Nelson, a lifelong dog enthusiast with a remarkable 50-year journey in the field. Butch has made numerous impactful contributions to CEB-US, including playing a pivotal role in developing the organization's Mission Statement and influencing the UKC Pointing Dog Rules. Over the CEB-US's 25-year existence, Butch has judged at least one trial in 23 of those years, training numerous apprentice judges and earning a reputation as a top mentor in the UKC pointing dog system. As an accomplished trialer, trainer, breeder, and judge across various breeds, Butch's extensive experience spans AKC Retriever, NSTRA, AF, NBHA, and UKC Pointing Dog venues. His invaluable contributions have guided and grown the French Brittany Gundog Association and CEB-US, leaving a lasting legacy.

Please join us in sharing a sincere thank you and warm round of applause for our departing Board Members: Grayson Geyer, Jake Bartells, and Todd Farris. 👏 While no longer directly involved with the Board, each of these three are long-time, loyal members of the club and have dedicated a majority of the last few decades to the breed. Grayson, Jake and Todd remain active participants on various committees and within their respective regional clubs, so you will no doubt see them at a future event running dogs. Cheers to each of you! 🍻

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