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Great North Epagneul Breton Gun Dog Club Hosts Confirmateur Clinic

The Great North Epagneul Breton Gun Dog Club is excited to announce a confirmateur clinic as part of their upcoming field trial scheduled for August 9-11. This clinic, set for August 9, is an excellent opportunity for Epagneul Breton owners to learn and apprentice towards becoming an expert confirmateur. While the clinic is geared towards experienced EB owners, this clinic offers valuable insights and practical experience in evaluating and confirming EBs. The clinic is part of the CEB-US's continued plan to spread club/breed resources to a greater audience to ensure the EB community across the nation has access to evaluations, testing and education to best promote and protect the Epagneul Breton traits.

Not sure what confirmation evaluations are all about? Catch up on an earlier blog post all about confirming and watch a YouTube video of a sample evaluation.

Becoming a CEB-US Qualified Expert Confirmateur

Becoming a CEB-US Qualified Expert Confirmateur is a rigorous process that ensures candidates are well-versed in the standards and practices necessary to maintain the breed's integrity. Here’s a summarized outline of the requirements:

  1. Application and Membership: Candidates must complete an application and be a CEB-US member in good standing for at least three years, and 21 years of age or older.

  2. Experience and Involvement: Candidates must have at least five years of involvement with Epagneul Bretons, including handling EBs in UKC Field Trials, TAN events, and Conformation Shows or Exhibitions at least three times each.

  3. Apprenticeships and Training: Candidates must apprentice twice at National EB Breed Specialty Conformation Shows or Confirming Sessions, assisting in conformation ratings under different Expert Confirmateurs.

  4. Education and Testing: Candidates must attend and complete a training seminar, study primary and additional recommended materials, and pass a comprehensive test on various subjects including general canine anatomy, specific EB anatomy, and the official conformation standard.

Read the full set of guidelines in the PDF below.

Confirmateur Outline 2024
Download PDF • 115KB

This clinic provides a significant stepping stone for those on the path to becoming expert confirmateurs. It’s a chance to gain firsthand experience, meet current experts, and delve deep into the intricacies of the Epagneul Breton breed.

For detailed information on the qualifications and to register for the clinic, please send us an email or click below to the sign up sheet. Sign up deadline is August 1.

2024 Confirmateur Clinic
Download PDF • 191KB

Join us in Minnesota and take a significant step towards becoming a certified expert in the Epagneul Breton community. This clinic is not only an educational opportunity but also a chance to connect with fellow enthusiasts and contribute to the future of the breed.

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