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UKC Merges the Field Dog Stud Book

The buzz in early 2024 revolves around the exciting news of the UKC merging the Field Dog Stud Book with the UKC Stud Book. We understand that this sparked speculation and questions within our community. Fear not – the CEB-US has been actively engaged in discussions regarding the merger's implications for the Epagneul Breton.

In a recent episode of the UKC Hunting Ops Podcast, Todd Kellam, Vice President of the UKC, addressed many of the questions raised by our dedicated members. Click here, to link to the podcast and get all the details straight from the source.

The bottom line is that the registration process for our beloved Epagneul Bretons remains unchanged. Your EBs will retain their current registration numbers, and as a bonus – all registered EBs are now fully qualified to participate in any American Field event.

For those with dogs previously registered in the Field Dog Stud Book, not to worry! Your dogs will maintain their original registration number, with the addition of an 'F' at the beginning to assist the system in identifying their registration history. These Field Dog registered dogs are now eligible to enter any UKC events, expanding the opportunities for participation in our regional club UKC field trials.

But wait, there's more! In addition to the stud book merger, the UKC has revamped its pricing structure. For a comprehensive list of the updated prices, click here.

UKC also recently added a tool for online field trial entries. This free service is available to regional clubs hosting trials. Learn more here.

We understand that paperwork delays can be frustrating, and while the CEB-US doesn't control registrations, we've got your back. Drawing from personal experience and UKC recommendations, we encourage you to use the online chat as the most efficient method for contacting UKC. It's your go-to resource for updates and any questions regarding registrations.

Exciting times are ahead for our Epagneul Breton community, and we can't wait to see your EBs shine in the upcoming events. Here's to a year filled with fantastic adventures and achievements for our beloved EBs!

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