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2021 Board of Directors Position Nominees

2021 Board of Directors position nominees announced

(January 2021) - The nominating committee comprised of Norman Pope, Jimmy Cobb, Kathleen Kimmel and Angie Hites has selected these members for 2021 board positions:

• Tracey Jacobson as president elect which is a 1 year position. She would be President in 2022.

• Josh Ruiter to take Tracey’s 1-year remaining term and during that period he would assist the Treasurer.

• Grayson Guyer moves to Vice President for a 3-year term.

• Bob Olson fills Grayson Guyer's remaining post for two years.

• Jake Bartells replaces Bob Clayton's post for a 3-year term.

• Sherry Niesar and Jeff Pleskac remain in their positions for an additional three years.

Would you like to run for a board position in the future?

Please reach out and let us know if you are interested.

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