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CEB-US Relaunches YouTube Channel

One of the club's focuses in 2023 is to provide more content to our members. To meet this goal, the club revived our YouTube channel. For fresh content, we recently hosted an online clinic thru Google Meet to discuss expectations, preparation, and rules for a UKC Field Trial. The recording from the event is edited and posted to YouTube. While live attendance was limited to CEB-US members, the recording is posted for all to see and learn.

A Confirmation Standards of the Epagneul Breton presentation by Hon. Reynald Lefebvre is also posted to the YouTube channel. This seminar was part of the 2022 National Conclave and provides a wealth of information about the breed.

Rounding out the new videos are a presentation by CEB-US member Lynda Kieres on how to prepare your EB for a specialty show and a demonstration by CEB-US member Denine Ackerbauer on Rally.

Have a topic in mind or want to share your expertise? We are always in need of new content.

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