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Celebrating Our Junior Members: Results of the Junior Essay Contest

We're thrilled to announce the successful conclusion of the Junior Member Essay Contest! This initiative aimed to highlight the talent and passion of our young members within the Epagneul Breton community. After careful consideration by an unofficial committee led by Nanette Harwell (Board of Directors, Post 3), along with the invaluable contributions of club members Trisha Wherley and Ric Haulenbeck, we're excited to share the Board approved placements:

1st Place: Brooke Bartells

2nd Place: Gwen Miller

3rd Place: Blake Bartells

4th Place: Max Kotsmith

Each of these remarkable junior members showcased their profound connection with their Epagneul Breton companions through their insightful essays. They eloquently captured the essence of participating in K9 events, whether it be a field trial, specialty show, agility competition, or any other activity. More importantly, they highlighted the unique bond they've forged with their beloved dogs.

Brooke Bartells secured the top spot with her captivating essay, followed closely by Gwen Miller, Blake Bartells, and Max Kotsmith, who demonstrated exceptional talent and dedication in their submissions.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the winners and express our gratitude to every junior member who participated in the contest. Your enthusiasm, creativity, and love for the Epagneul Breton breed shine through in each essay submitted.

As a community, we are inspired by the next generation's commitment to preserving the legacy of our beloved breed. These young individuals serve as shining examples of the passion and dedication that epitomize our club's values.

We look forward to continuing to support and nurture the talents of our junior members, as they play an integral role in shaping the future of our community.

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